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Awesome nails inDEEDS!

28 Oct

I have quite a few friends who are also into painting their own nails and I’m so so glad they let me take pictures of their pretty nails and feature them here, EGGCITEZ! Can never get enough of cool painted nails prease

First up, we have DEEDS! It was at xunny’s birthday dins that I saw her funky nails haha I don’t really know how to describe the design but it has a sort of halloweeny colour theme to it, best thing is, when I asked her how come she put a stripe across she said “oh I just felt like putting a stripe so I did” HAHAHA seriously, the BEST designs are those that are original, spons, and random or your own interpretation of someone else’s design. Actually come to think of it, no two nail designs are exactly alike and its being able to (as cheesy as it sounds) ‘let your creative juices flow’ which make self-painted nails that much more awesome! Ok enough talkin’ and more pictures…

Thanks deeds for the nailspiration! haha

Jeanbean over and out!


#6 – Nail Stickers

27 Oct

Some time back I found these 3D Nail Stickers thing at Daiso and decided to give it try!

They are quite pretty but fall off easily! Sianzzz. Hahahaha:)

♥ Jan

#5 – Paint Splattered Nails

26 Oct

Paint Splattered Nails:)

Couldn’t decide if I wanted more paint or less paint so I ended up doing more on the left hand and less on the right! Some days I liked the left hand more than the right and on others I liked the right more.  Hahahaha, talk about being fickle.

Here’s where I got the idea from:

♥ Jan

#4 – Reverse French

25 Oct

My nails the past week.

Not crazy about this but well something new!

♥ Jan

#3 – Watermelon

24 Oct

Here are the watermelon nails I did a few weeks back. One of my favourite designs because it is so simple yet cute (although sometimes it attracted a little bit too much attention for my liking).

Might try a variation of this another time!

p.s. Please feel free to leave feedback/comments on what you see or what you would like to see more of here!:)

#2 – Glitter Spam

23 Oct

I know this has nothing to do with nail art but I LOVE GLITTERRRRR!

It makes the nails look so sparkly and happy. Plus, they make great accents to otherwise plain designs. Although, like jean said, cleaning them off is really a pain in the ass (irregardless of whether they are cheapo glitter or OPI glitter).  Still once in awhile I’d willingly put myself through the pain for that one to two weeks of happiness, Hahaha!

♥ Jan

Colour me crazy

22 Oct

My current nails are pyscho cos there are 4 different colours with black outlining hahaha watched a video online on colour blocking sometime ago and decided to try it out but when I tried looking for the video, COULDN’T FIND (dam pek chek), so I had to wing it!

A lil’ messy but still makes me smile to look at them, I like to say they’re kind of psychedelicky? I just made that word up by the way HAHA

k bye!

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