The One with Unagi…and Egg Yolk.

30 Nov


so this one’s from AWHILE back. i think it was only my second time marbling after i did the paddlepop.

calling it Unagi cause…
1. the salmon colour
2. it made me think of “salmon skin roll!”(rachel/f.r.i.e.n.d.s)
3. i know Unagi is freshwater eel and all but it sounds fiercer.
*makes a fist, puts out index and middle fingers on temple* “UNAGI”.

i intended to keep the tone subtle coz i liked how the first nail(left thumb – upclose shot in collage below) turned out all porcelain-like.
but i also liked the ones that turned out brighter so i just kept it mixed.
didn’t want it to turn out too pale overall either.
the flash pretty much washed out the salmon shades on the paler nails so it was actually alot oranger irl.

my little sister witnessed the whole process and wanted to experience it for herself.
since it was deepavali holiday the next day (and after i was done with my own nails, i was left wishing i had more nails to continue marbling anyway), i complied.
my cousin was feeling trigger-happy, i allowed her to take photos during the process as long as i wasn’t in them hah!
oooh and i called it “egg yolk” cause it looked like i cracked an egg into the water when the drops of polish spread out on the surface. 😛

it was close to her bedtime so i didn’t have time to file her nails whatsoever.
her nails are still so tiny, they couldn’t capture most of the curvy details of the pattern.

i like the colour combi. though, so i’ll prolly try this on my own nails next time!

– didi


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