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cause baby you’re a faaaaaaaa-yuh-workkkkkkk~!

31 Dec

now for my last post of the year! – my New Year nails.

initially, i entertained thoughts of painting firework motifs on my nails with my nail art brush.
but i just wasn’t in the mood to be ultra-precise and urgh, i was exhausted just thinking about the extra effort and concentration needed to paint with my left hand.
soooo, i turned to marbling yet again. hee.

this was actually “fireworks-inspired” marbling.
yea, i don’t think it ended up looking like fireworks either but i did attempt to make the pattern more linear instead of the usual wavy, curvy ones.
and it’s the first time i added glitter polish on top of a marbling design (bye bye bubbles!).
and stars!
hahahaha tacky or what. but aiyah, new year mah.
supposed to be like fireworks in a sky that is speckled with stars.
this design kinda reminds me of sailormoon too for some reason.
oh, and the colour combi was again, unintentional.
another 3 new AREZIA polishes from Sasa.
i swear, i think i never ever passed by a Sasa without attacking the bargain polish section and leaving with new bottles of polish lah.
scary mary.

added classic white french tips to make it more vah vah VOOM.
anw, don’t think i’ll let my nails grow any longer than this length.
i’m really not a fan of long, long nails.
i find them super irritating and troublesome.
just now, one customer with ultra-long-probably-fake-nails was struggggggling to pick up her coins from the counter.
she looked like edward scissorhands trying to eat his green peas.
i dunno why people put themselves through such torture.

– didi


Experiments Schmaximents.

30 Dec

these were exactly what the title says – experiments.
from once upon a time.
i didn’t wear the designs out, just sat down one day and tried different patterns on my left hand’s nails.

– top left-hand corner was my first attempt at zebra nails while trying out a new white striper polish. added the hot pink french tip for dramatic effect. 😛

– beside it, a “naked version” of my Dickies bag’s design. i thought it looked pretty good just in black and white too.

– then yeah, right underneath that, is what it looked like after i coloured the green and purple in. i’ll prolly wear the design out next year. keep getting distracted by other designs!

– in the middle, we have designs inspired by other patterns i found in my room. my forever21 socks, skull paperchase pencil case, leopard preenz dress and yes, can’t believe i’m showing my minnie mouse bra to the world. it’s aight, it’s cute, no? HAH.

– top right-hand corner, i tried to do the kiwi (inspired by cutepolish) but totally failed. like i was telling yani, it looked more like a bunch of ants marching on the grass and carrying a grain of rice.

– bottom right-hand corner, simple white polka dots on a navy blue base inspired by my daiso water bottle!

i also did a simple design inspired by my awesome possum birthday cake!

something tells me 2011 will see an influx of polka dotted designs since i’ll be too busy with school to marble or attempt any time-consuming designs.
but i love polka dots so i’m looking forward to that already!

– didi

have you lost your marbles? i know I have!

29 Dec

i am dumping all the old marbling nail designs i’ve done and not updated about here in this post.
prepare yourselves for a whirlwind of colours!

so we’ll start off with an old one that i updated about in my own blog.
did it during the harry potter mania but didn’t feel like painting the deathly hallows symbol on my nails like alot of people were doing. (at least, from what i saw on the interwebz.)
n i was in my marbling phase. (ok, i still am in it, but less intensely so, heehaw.)
if you haven’t seen/couldn’t see the connection to harry potter, i actually intended for it to be a gryffindor vs slytherin thing. UH-HUH.
moving on…

this pink one i’m gonna call Mint Berry Crunch aka Shablagoo! (shoutout to South Park yo!)
i think i was trying out some new polishes. wasn’t too fond of this one.
the colours kinda blended into one another and the curves weren’t as defined as i’d liked it to be.

Mount Merapi.
did this while the indon volcano was busy spewing things out of its belly.
no intention of downplaying the catastrophe it caused but i think there’s something volcanic about this design and the colours.
it’s like an eruption, and lava flowing on some grassy hill and yada yada yada.

this last one is one of my favourites. one thing i’ve learnt is that a marbling design works out best when there’re just 2 colours involved.
it’s less messy-looking and the intricate patterns are more obvious.
btw, i named this one “Avatar”.
cause the nude colour’s like human skin, and the blue swirling around makes it look like a human turning into one of the blue Navi people.
HAHAHAHAHAHA creative or whatttt. =P

ok i’m gonna add a marbling tip you might wanna try when you’re water marbling away.
i find that i deal with less mess by applying Vaseline on my skin instead of scotchtaping all over.
it’s kinda less troublesome too.
for the Avatar marbling, i brushed Vaseline all over the area of skin that you see the paint covering.
you can easily scrape the wet/dry flakes of polish off with a toothpick after you take your finger out of the water.
it might get a little greasy but wiping your fingers with tissue before touching the nail polish bottles again helps.
now, i still use scotchtape but only to tape the skin area right below the cuticle.
then i Vaseline the hell out of the skin that’s left uncovered, especially the cuticles and the underside of my nails if they’re long.
i think it also helps condition and soften my cuticles and not make the skin around my nails become so dry.

i’ve lost my marbles, haven’t i?

*photo courtesy of Mashy Mashhh!


trying out Chloe’s Nails’ “Shredded Mani”.

28 Dec

i’m on a roll at the moment cause i’m clearing out my photos in the comp and trying to get as much onto the blog before the new year.
also, wordpress decided not to be a pain in the ass  (please let me not jinx it) so it’s been quite a breeze uploading photos.

anw, i was kinda raving about a blue glitter polish in the previous post.
this is it! it’s from The Face Shop and uninspiringly identified as “BL607”.
I shall call it “To Infinity & Beyond!”

i was almost gonna delete these photos cause i didn’t wear the design out.
cause firstly, i painted my nails the awesome blue in the middle of the night after suddenly waking up and not being able to go back to sleep.
then, i finally fell asleep again but apparently kinda ruined my nails rolling around in bed.
afterwards, i thought there might still be hope n that the topcoat can make it look all glossy again.
but before that, i decided i wanted to try the “shredded mani” with scotchtape.
i stupidly chose black and it didn’t make the zig-zags obvious so i experimented with silver glitter.

but i just wasn’t that happy in the end n didn’t feel like re-doing it so i should be re-attempting another “shredded mani” some time in the near future!

– didi

when @julilynmashy and @abbmeister came over!

27 Dec

yea, 2 friends came over on my off day to have their nails painted by moi.

mashy mash had the pink/purple konad-ed nails the other day but is such an ACTIVE lady, she “destroyed” her manicure before she even attended the wedding.
but i’m not complaining. i WANT my customers to keep coming back. 😀
so this time, we did another konad design in red and yellow.

simultaneously, i was helping abby paint her nails specially for christmas.
did a pretty shimmery purple base, with snowflakes on her thumb nails and polka dots(snow!) on the others.
i lined the white with gold polish but it’s pretty light and not that obvious in photos.

i also did her toe nails for her in this awesome space blue glitter polish (the photos don’t do the polish any justice) and gold.
i haven’t used the blue myself cause i only bought it a couple days back but daym, gonna attempt my very own cosmic nails soon!
my back was breaking by the time i attended to her feet so my dotting skills got a little rusty HAH.
and yea, i’m yet to upgrade my “home salon” so we relied on my insta-dry fan to speed up the process =P.

attending to 2 clients at one go was definitely exhausting, balls. n this was what my table looked like during the chaos.

but i love making people love their own nails so i look forward to painting more peoples’ nails baybehhh!

here’s abby and her “testimonial photo”!

– didi

#15 – New Year Nails

26 Dec

Now that Christmas is over it is time for new nails:) Loud boomz nails for 2011. Hahaha!

Anyway, the base polish I used was part of a gift I received during Christmas and ohmygosh, not only is the bottle so cute, the polish is actually SCENTED. Initially it reminded me of sour plum but when I asked my mum to smell it she said it was more like candy and shern thinks it smells like a rose. Whatever the case, my nails smell awesome.

Another cute present I received was a glittery Hello Kitty buffer + hand cream from Deedeenah:) Can’t wait to use it!

♥ Jan

fa la la la laaa, la laa laa laaaaaaaa~!

25 Dec

sorry, this is kinda backdated but these were my christmas nails!
have been busy working, helping some friends with their nails, working, hanging out till the wee hours on xmas eve/xmas morning, then working again – so i haven’t had the time to update.

i did a “charmed manicure” thing (ala’ charmed bracelet) so i had different christmasy motifs on each nail.
– red/gold and green/gold marbling
– red and white candy cane stripes
– snowflake and polka dots/snow (inspired by: Luxurious Nails – looooved the snowflake on my left thumb. my left hand experienced MAJOR trembling while trying to paint the snowflake on my right middle finger, but i’m pretty proud of how it finally turned out.)
– gold/green christmas tree (this was my personal favourite coz i came up with it myself heeheeeee – oh n i fished the stars from my bottle of glitter polish.)
– green plaster (HAH no lah this was not intentional k. got a papercut from gift wrapping the day before n awesomely found a green plaster to blend in with the xmas theme. it’s damn cute lah. it says “oops-a-daisy” but too bad i could only show off the “oops”. my argyle sweater design was still underneath it lol.)

i also decided to paint my toe nails while i was waiting for my “clients” to come over that day.
didn’t even bother to file them.
i used konad to pretend i marbled my toe nails heh!
it turned out looking chinese new year-ish overall n the gold kinda sank into the white base but whutevsss.

here’s a belated merry christmas to you! hope everybody had a great one this year!

*photo courtesy of Rayhan Madsah and his awesome new DSLR


– didi

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