#12 – Glitter mania

4 Dec

So after one week, this was what happened…

The entire thing just fell off! Hahaha! Probably because it was applied with water it doesn’t stick to your nail as well as if you were to paint it on directly BUT surprisingly it is pretty hardy! I’ve been playing with it ever since it fell out and it is still in one piece!

Anyway I was pretty excited to do a set of Hello Kitty nails and also use my new OPI glitters! I ended up painting my toes Sparkalicious and attempted to paint Hello Kitty on my fingernails but they turned out to be quite disastrous so I repainted the base and added some glitter (Show it and Glow it).

Not something new because you guys have seen the standard design before but this colour combination is quite bridal don’t you think? Hahaha! I am contemplating adding more condiments like polka dots or stripes but I’m going to have to seek the advice of my sister when she wakes up!

And hopefully the next time I attempt Hello Kitty again it’ll be successful:)

♥ Jan


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