22 Dec

so this was my 2nd konad-ed nails after the houndstooth design (which only lasted a day coz i decided to test my new 3 for $5 etude house top coat n it sucked ass n made my beloved nails michael buble! being a cheapo comes with a price – the irony.)
i almost did the exact same colour combi. tt jan had done with the same flower template coz i wanted to test my new purple $1.95 polish from Sasa (Cheapo Queen award!).
luckily, i was in the mood to experiment and decided to see if my own unspecial polish can work with konad too.
and voila!
“special” polish not THAT special after all, huh?

then, a catastrophe happened at work.
the polish chipped off the tip of my thumb’s nail during gift-wrapping. HEHE.
i can be quite anal when it comes to chipping.
i’ll just feel like fixing or re-doing my nails whenever i see a chip.
i dunno how some people can stand letting their nails chip till most of the paint’s off.
freaking uglylah. i rather have my nails plain and nekkid.

but i didn’t hv an off day the next day to redo my nails n i was still fond of them anw.
so i decided to deploy some damage control instead.
i covered the chipped portion with a “funky french” aka french tip!
hahaha i adopted the term from this awesome nail blogger: Chloe’s Nails
imo, she has the most photogenic fingers + nails!
her nails look super clean-cut in her photos and i’m a sucker for that.
she’s very DIY and it’s amazing what she comes up with just by using SCOTCHTAPE.
i’ve been a stickler for crisp, scotch-taped french tips too but i usually do that when i hv a load of time on my hands to let my polish really dry before french-ing them coz i hate it when the scotchtape pulls on my nail polish.
will try out most of her awesome designs when i finally get the seche vite top coat.

so yep, i caught the “funky french” bug and here are my crispier nails!

– didi


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