have you lost your marbles? i know I have!

29 Dec

i am dumping all the old marbling nail designs i’ve done and not updated about here in this post.
prepare yourselves for a whirlwind of colours!

so we’ll start off with an old one that i updated about in my own blog.
did it during the harry potter mania but didn’t feel like painting the deathly hallows symbol on my nails like alot of people were doing. (at least, from what i saw on the interwebz.)
n i was in my marbling phase. (ok, i still am in it, but less intensely so, heehaw.)
if you haven’t seen/couldn’t see the connection to harry potter, i actually intended for it to be a gryffindor vs slytherin thing. UH-HUH.
moving on…

this pink one i’m gonna call Mint Berry Crunch aka Shablagoo! (shoutout to South Park yo!)
i think i was trying out some new polishes. wasn’t too fond of this one.
the colours kinda blended into one another and the curves weren’t as defined as i’d liked it to be.

Mount Merapi.
did this while the indon volcano was busy spewing things out of its belly.
no intention of downplaying the catastrophe it caused but i think there’s something volcanic about this design and the colours.
it’s like an eruption, and lava flowing on some grassy hill and yada yada yada.

this last one is one of my favourites. one thing i’ve learnt is that a marbling design works out best when there’re just 2 colours involved.
it’s less messy-looking and the intricate patterns are more obvious.
btw, i named this one “Avatar”.
cause the nude colour’s like human skin, and the blue swirling around makes it look like a human turning into one of the blue Navi people.
HAHAHAHAHAHA creative or whatttt. =P

ok i’m gonna add a marbling tip you might wanna try when you’re water marbling away.
i find that i deal with less mess by applying Vaseline on my skin instead of scotchtaping all over.
it’s kinda less troublesome too.
for the Avatar marbling, i brushed Vaseline all over the area of skin that you see the paint covering.
you can easily scrape the wet/dry flakes of polish off with a toothpick after you take your finger out of the water.
it might get a little greasy but wiping your fingers with tissue before touching the nail polish bottles again helps.
now, i still use scotchtape but only to tape the skin area right below the cuticle.
then i Vaseline the hell out of the skin that’s left uncovered, especially the cuticles and the underside of my nails if they’re long.
i think it also helps condition and soften my cuticles and not make the skin around my nails become so dry.

i’ve lost my marbles, haven’t i?

*photo courtesy of Mashy Mashhh!



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