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#20 – Circus

31 Jan

My current favourite colour combination – White, Pink and Black! Hahaha:) Intended to make this my CNY nails but my attempt at writing chinese words didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to so I ended up doing random stripes. Now my nails look a bit crazy and they remind me of the circus. Hahaha!

Anyway this set was inspired by The Daily Nail. A really cool nail blogger that painted a new set of nails every single day for the entire year!!! Ooohhh and yes, didi did do something similar in a different colour recently!:) Need new inspiration for new nails or I’ll be stuck with crazy looking nails for CNY. Hahahahaha!

♥ Jan


diyanah alva!

29 Jan

here’s another MASHICURE!
diy and i thought of going shopping after i was done with work last saturday.
was such a baaad idea.
we decided to head to my place to escape the crowd.
and i ended up painting her nails!
spontaneous plans ftw!

diy’s into longboarding and she has a tony alva (Lords of Dogtown) shortboard.
so that explains the “Alva” design and the cute, little shortboard on her thumb’s nail. HAHA.
oh and that’s a camera on her other thumb’s nail.
(cause she likes to take photos of sunsets and clouds.:D)

and the orange/white sunrays design was half-inspired by some stripey backdrop we came across online and half-inspired by my earrings.
too lazy to take any pictures of said earrings.
will add them next time cause i’ve been wanting to paint the design on my own nails. 😀

was so cute watching diy act so girly and holding out her freshly-manicured nails in that “i-can’t-touch-anything-and-risk-ruining-my-nails!” way, pls.

here’s another nail model shot to finish up this post!

– didi

strawmelony abby!

28 Jan

abby finally came over  to get the design she wanted painted on her nails.
this was how it turned out!

happy abby!
i love her awesome, straight, white teeth! 😀

– didi

The Wallpaper.

26 Jan

i’m actually not really in the mood to blog.
but since i’m waiting for the 3.30am blackpool vs man u match to start, and it’s been awhile since i did a proper post, i thought…why not?

calling this one “The Wallpaper” cause it reminds me of a vintage wallpaper design right out of the 70s era.
i just LOVE clothes and patterns from the 70s!
and i also love the green polish i used for the base.
got it from JB’s Etude House (CitySquare’s branch) for just RM3! 😀

i actually wore it out without the brown french tip for a day and had the nagging feeling that something was missing.
added the funky french once i was home and my life was COMPLETE!
(yes, i can be a pretty dramatic blogger.)

will definitely be coming up with more manicures inspired by the 70s in future!


– didi

#19 – Squares & Stripes

23 Jan

2.30am – Spontaneous decision to clean off my previous set and randomly painted this. Might add more stuff on if this gets a little too boring. Just a pity that I didn’t do my right hand as nicely as the left. Will think of ways to rescue it tomorrow!:)

♥ Jan


22 Jan

NOTW! (nails of the week)

– didi

#18 – Heartbeat

21 Jan

You may say it looks like the stock market or random zig zag lines but I was thinking more of Enrique’s song – Heartbeat! You know, the lines that go “I can feel your heartbeat, running through me”. Hahaha!

Doesn’t seem like anyone is interested in getting the top coat except us (the bloggers). HAHAHAHA! Will still be ordering all the same so if anyone happens to see this and is really interested in getting a bottle or two, do let me know!:) Honestly, you won’t regret it!

♥ Jan

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