13 Jan

this is by far, the “cutesie-est” (i’m not even gonna use the word “cutest”) nail design i’ve ever sported.
haha, i don’t think i’ve ever been inclined to paint cupcake nails before.
the idea of it was just too ~cutesie~ for my liking.
but a colleague recently asked me if i could paint “cupcake nails”.
and i told her “i can try…”.

and so i TRIED.

hahaha i’m calling it “Makoke” cause my cupcakes turned out fat and they reminded me of colourful Apam Makokes!

also, i just LOVE the name “Makoke” lahhh.
i can’t believe that so far, i’ve only found ONE friend who also knows that the apam is called “Makoke”.
(it’s pronounced “muh-ko-kay”.)
such an adorbzzz name.
for such an adorbzzz design.
they also remind me of paus!
shall paint dim sum nails in the near future. =P

anw, while i was googling “makoke”, i came across these colourful spotted apams that were named “Apam Dot Dot”.

hahahahaha is this post overflowing with cuteness or whut.
sigh, and of course i was also reminded of the wonderful Crumbs cupcakes i had the pleasure of devouring in the US of A.

next time (if there’s ever a next time), i would totally base the cupcakes i paint on the different Crumbs flavours.

here’s a collage of my cupcakey process:

we TOTALLY need a Crumbs in singapore, plsthxbai.

– didi


3 Responses to “makoke!”

  1. jean January 14, 2011 at 1:50 PM #

    OMAGAWD sooooo nice and yummilicious haha totally made me want to have cupcakes!

    Anyways my friend tried posting a comment on one of your posts but failed so she wants me to tell you she thinks you’re super talented and she has lots of business ideas to share with you haha keen potential investor!

    • didi January 14, 2011 at 11:35 PM #

      hahahaha serious??? awwwww, thank her for me!
      ur comment made my day!
      and no probs, i’m open to ANY IDEAS when it comes to the business-side of things. LOL.


  1. #30 – Cupcakes « For the love of pretty nails - July 20, 2011

    […] p.s. Didi did do a set of cupcake nails before! You can check them out here: Makoke Nails! […]

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