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28 Feb

Ok so this is my 2nd time doing Konad and it was really some anyhow whack kind of design because I really just went with it and stamped to my heart’s content, adding layer after layer. I used the m64 plate, the design on the bottom right.

At first I tried out different colours, but the design just wouldn’t go on neatly and so I decided to just make it a messy ‘arty farty’ one and just do a few layers and not have to be perfect with the stamping. So with purple as a base I used yellow, black and white for the stamping and TADAH!




The Lineup

27 Feb

I’M BACKKKKKK! One good thing about coming back from Europe was getting to paint my nails and get some design on them, had u-g-l-y nails for 2 months haha anyways this was something inspired by an ad I saw where the model had really cool nails, don’t have the pic on my comp but it had really nice line work. Unfortunately mine turned out really messy especially on my right hand, ugh. Hopefully I do a better job of this line stuff next time! I only had this for a day cos I didn’t like it much but well for the time it took me to do it I figured it should be worth a post 🙂



Mod It.

21 Feb

this post will feature my virginal manicure using OPI polish HAHA.
my first OPI bottles were sponsored by my dad on valentine’s day LOL.
have been wanting to get matte polish for ages!
so i got the basic black matte, “Lincoln Park After Dark” (which i have a feeling i will be using quite alottt).
and Nail Envy, which is basically a clear polish with a matte finish.
i’m hoping to use it as a matte top coat so i don’t need to get other matte colour polishes but just give any of my own nail polish the matte finish if i feel like going matte, ya know?

n apparently, this Nail Envy is “Excellent for MEN!”. ~hi boysss!~

anw, those aren’t the only ones in my new OPI family.
bought another bottle from Smoochiezz at the Pit Building flea last Saturday.
they were going at $8 per bottle.
say WHUT.
by the time i got there, there weren’t many bottles left so i grabbed the yummiest colour i saw.
it’s called, ‘The “IT” Color’.

well, ok…i guess the application is pretty good.
and the finish was smooth n dried rather fast.
but hmmm, not THATTT impressed uh.
i wouldn’t part with my $20 to get just one measly bottle.

so i decided to paint a “mod” manicure, inspired by the 60s.
also kind of a tribute to one of my favourite movies i was rewatching while painting – “The Boat That Rocked”.
stamped some konad with brown polish but it wasn’t really the shade i envisioned.
finished up with black matte tips that didn’t turn out as crispy as i would have liked.
but i had to do a “quickie” since i had the morning shift the next day.

wish i had more time to paint more regularly but school and work have been taking a toll on me!
till next time, dudettes!

– didi

so kiss me~

13 Feb

heyyyho, let’s go!
i couldn’t sleep a couple nights’ back.
so i decided to “tire” myself by working on a valentine’s-themed manicure.
i used konad image plate m4 for the lips motif.
was stamping away around 3 in the morning in between some American Idol (no scott dangerfield =( and travis orlando was so out of tune, double boo!) and The Vampire Diaries (can bonnie stop smoochin’ my jeremyyy?!).
anw, i’m too much of a clown to stick to the “conventional” all-red/all-pink colour-theme of valentine’s day.
so woohoo! rainbow nails ftw!

what’s a manicure…

…without the funky french?!

oh, and i painted my toe nails too! HEEHAW.

aite, doesn’t matter if you’re single or attached, have an awesome Valentine’s Day people!

– didi


Gong Xi Fa Cai Marbling.

5 Feb

finally had some free time to paint a CNY-themed manicure after work yesterday.
i don’t think it turned out very lunar-ish but i’m pretty happy with it.
my cousin said it reminds her of candy cane.
alamak, i got the wrong holiday lahhh.

anw, these were my nails before i added the dots…

…and these, after.

i used white as the base colour.
and marbled red, orange and a translucent, cream glitter on top.
as usual, my camera failed to capture the shimmer of the glitter.
contemplated adding a funky french but couldn’t decide on the colour.
and i didn’t wanna block out the dots.
so i’m gonna leave it as it is.

gong xi gong xi gong xi ni yah!
gong xi gong xi gong xi ni!

– didi

CNY Special

3 Feb

Chinese New Year nails for three mystery guests, whose hands are appearing on this blog for the first time ever! Hahaha! Well this is actually my first time painting for other people but thankfully they didn’t request for anything too intricate so it was a pretty smooth sailing virgin attempt.

From top to bottom: 1) My aunt’s simple but elegant french tipped nails. 2) My oldest sis’s glittery/floral nails. 3) My mum’s boomz pseudo marbling nails. From this experience, I realised that there seems to be a market for more elegant simple designs (which is something I should probably do more research into!).

Oh and one more thing, I also realised that I enjoy painting other people’s nails as much as I enjoy painting my own. Can’t wait to spread the love more soon! Anyone interested to be my guinea pig for more wacky designs? Hahaha!

Happy Chinese New Year:)

♥ Jan


1 Feb

these were my Laneway Nails!
i had the Wallpaper nails for the longest time n was just itching to paint something new.
so i did a speedy one at midnight, in the wee morning of the Laneway Festival day.
was kinda worried that i would just end up squashing them during my sleep but i was too bored to care.

anyhoos, i wanted to use as many of the new batch of Etude House’s nail polishes that i got from my 2nd trip to JB this month.
that same shop where i got my Wallpaper green polish from had so many other colours in stock this time around.
and yes, all at RM3 each!

totally in love with this shade of green (my dream Vespa scooter colour HAH).
used konad for the plaid pattern in cobalt blue (also a super nice colour on its own!).
n finished off with the bright, peachy orange funky french.

it was late and i was sleepy, so i didn’t bother re-doing the nails that didn’t get stamped fully.
was just glad they all looked relatively okay and remained un-squashed by the time i woke up.
Etude House’s polishes definitely dry faster compared to the other polishes i’ve used so far.

anw, this is definitely one of my favourite random colour combos!

*photo courtesy of my lil’ sis 😀

– didi

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