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#23 – Shatter

29 Mar

Finally laid my hands on OPI’s Shatter nail polish and it is amazingggg:) Just one coat of normal looking black polish and tada! SUPER MEGA ULTRA LOVE IT!

♥ Jan



21 Mar

Hey guys!

There’s this facebook nail art competition anddddd Didi submitted one of her awesome designs! It will be great if you guys can help to like her entry:)

All you have to do is to…

1) Log into facebook and visit this page: and hit the “Like” button

2) Look for her entry:

3) Hit the “Like” button again!:)

Competition closes on 28th March! We are rooting for you Didi!!

p.s. Today is her birthday!!!!:)

#22 – Flight of the bumblebee

14 Mar

Tried out a new colour this week!:) Added a little bee (a little messed up by the yellow polish) and it’s flying path.

Note to self: Always remember to use a white base before painting a light colour to make it pop! I always forget this part!

♥ Jan

#21 – M&M’s!

1 Mar


Took a pretty long break from painting my nails but now I’m backkkkk with…M&M Nails! Hahaha:)

The idea is similar to my previous Sesame Street ones only with a little bit more details! It is making me feel like getting a bag of M&M’s! Hahahaha:)

Till the next time!

♥ Jan

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