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Nfu Oh

27 May

Pictures credit to

These polishes are AMAZING, why is it that they are not as popular or even more popular than OPI? Hahaha!

Hope to be able to get hold of them one day but supposedly they are ridiculously expensive in Singapore.


Nail Kiss

24 May

Have been wanting to blog about this for the longest time ever. It is one amazing little bottle, too good to not share. Basically all you have to do is to dip your finger into the pot and when you pull it out, all the polish is magically removed from your nails. Hahaha! Best of all, it is only $2 from Daiso.

Pros: Works amazingly well on GLITTER polishes (which you guys should know, is a huge pain in the ass to remove). Great for days when you feel lazy to scrub the polishes out.

Cons: Extremely hard to find (Haven’t been able to find them in Singapore’s Daiso anymore BUT the last time I went to Malacca, I managed to clear out the rack and bring home 7 bottles.). Can be a bit harsh for regular use (best to save it for tough to remove polishes).

In spite of the cons, it is still one amazing little bottle and if you happen to get your hands on a bottle, it is your lucky day. Hahaha!

#26 – Blue my mind

20 May

/Edit: Did a bit of touch up after chipping my nails a little! I am a little annoyed at how my camera cannot accurately capture this shade of blue but I am really loving my nails now though:)

This blue polish from H&M is my current favourite colour!:) Totally blue my mind. Hahaha!

Anyway my nails look a bit busy now but I really wanted to try the Shatter on my toes. This time I literally anyhow painted on the Shatter so that the cracks will not be uniform (unlike the last time when they were pretty straight cos I painted it on in the same direction). I like how it turned out because every toe nail is different.

Till the next time!

♥ Jan

Houndstooth baby!

18 May

Tried out the houndstooth from konad! Decided to try using 2 diff colours to have some form of shading, so used black and a dark green. Of course the easiest to apply was still the konad polish but others are still workable. Also tried a tip for the first time hehe 🙂

❤ jean


16 May

Sorry for the long absence! Got a lil lazy especially after starting full time work :S anyway I was hoping having wordpress on my bb would help me be more efficient but apparently not cos its so laggy. So here’s something a long while back, kind of gave off a sort of egyptiany vibe, I think? Thats the only way I know how to describe it haha but I’ve been into the whole stick tape on my nails and paint method recently, slightly painstaking compared to konad but still pretty easy!

❤ jean


14 May

Hi all faithful readers who still visit this pretty quiet space, hahaha!:)

I am currently in the midst of exams but I came across this interesting  page and thought that maybe I should share it here! Supposedly there has been an increase in sales of fake OPI nail polishes! Sooooo, before you grab that bottle of super cheap OPI polish, you may want to read this: Real/Fake OPI. After doing a little bit more research, I found an even more detailed site so if you have the time you can check it out: Comprehensive OPI Guide.

I did a quick check on my OPI bottles and realised that not all of them fit the criteria and after doing more research, I found out that there are some e-retailers that do sell genuine OPI but because of certain issues with OPI (who were unhappy that they were selling the polishes at a cheaper price), they had to scrub off the codes and stuff.

After everything that I read through tonight, in my opinion, as long as you buy from a trusted retailer you shouldn’t be too bothered with this issue. More importantly, the main things that you have to look out for when buying polishes is that 1) the colour is thick and applies on smoothly, 2) the brush is wide and aids in easy application 3) the polish doesn’t smell too funky. I think with these three points fulfilled you can be assured that you’ll have a nice manicure.

Till the next time!:)

#25 – Ladybird

8 May

Nails for the week! A combination of a hearts, dots and ladybirds:)

Pictures credit to Jeanbean.

♥ Jan.

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