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#31 – Floral Nails

26 Jul

My nails were inspired by my friend Kat’s 21st birthday party theme:) The colour theme was pastel and so I decided to do a set of nails that was similar to my outfit – mint + flowers!

♥ Jan


Hello Kitty Nails

22 Jul

A second special guest appearance by Lou:)

She did a really pretty set of Hello Kitty nails and I am sure that all you Hello Kitty lovers out there would agree with me that it is so niceeeee.

☺ ☺ ☺

#30 – Cupcakes

19 Jul

Have been having cravings for cupcakes since I watched DC Cupcakes so here’s my take on cupcake nails:)

Just in case you are interested to know, the (real) cupcake featured below is from Food For Thought.

p.s. Didi did do a set of cupcake nails before! You can check them out here: Makoke Nails!

♥ Jan

Urban on Nails

16 Jul


Was so happy to wake up yesterday to see that Urban (which is a beauty/fashion weekly newspaper in Singapore) had a four page spread on nails:)

Yay to not just pretty but healthy nails!:)

Source: Urban 15 July 2011.

Leopard Prints

13 Jul

Here’s a special guest appearance by Lou with her printed french!

Her nails are DIYed over nail extensions and are so boomz and pretty:)

Super ♥♥♥.


10 Jul

Guest appearance: Shigz.

Her nails were done in Bangkok and took about 4 hours! The details are really amazinggg, super love the stars and kiss mark:)

Thank you for sharing your lovely nails!


6 Jul

I first found out about this on Crazy eMart (the site that organised the FB nail art competition) and then read some really good reviews about it online and…I’m sold! Hahaha, this product is awesome!:)  It works like regular nail polish, lasts longer than regular polish (Approx 3 weeks) and is supposedly less harmful to the nails.

Although, I think it would be more worth it to head over to a nail salon to do it once in awhile because investing into all the equipment would be pretty expensive! The machine is $70, the polishes/top/base coat are $28 each and the remover is $14 a bottle!

I hope to get a Gelish Mani/Pedi soon!:)

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