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Spongebob Squarepants!

28 Dec

Probably the cutest set of nails I’ve ever seen!:) Say hello to Sharon’s cute Spongebob Squarepants nails! She had her nails done by a male manicurist in Bangkok for 350baht and I think he really did an awesome job! Two thumbs up!:)


Reindeer & Snowflakes

24 Dec

My dear friend Shoo did a really pretty set of Christmas nails at her usual nail salon:) I love the contrast between the big and small snowflakes as well as the cute little reindeer (can you spot it?). Snowflakes seem to be a popular choice for nail art this Christmas season because it is probably the closest we can get to snow in Singapore. Hahaha!

Have a blessed Christmas everyone!

Guess who’s back?

19 Dec

I’m so happy to be sharing this awesome missoni-ish set of nails on behalf of Didi!:) Yes, Didi hasn’t been posting for awhile now but her nails are still as awesome as ever. Hahaha!

Till the next time! ☺☺☺

#38 – Snowflakes and Glitter

14 Dec

OPI’s Mermaid Tears making an appearance once again! This time for a simple set of Christmas nails that I did for the upcoming Christmas parties:) This is probably the first time I am applying glitter on my nails since forever and I love the way it sparkles very subtly under light.

p.s. Please excuse the messy sides because this set was very very fresh when the picture was taken.

Till the next time!

♥ Jan

mix & match

4 Dec

I was recently inspired by Lauren Conrad’s mix n match nails (Source: and decided to do my own! I had green nails (the OPI mermaid tears one-LOVE!) and decided not to let them go to waste. Sometimes I like my nails plain, just the colour because any pattern just robs the colour of the attention it deserves haha I talk like they’re alive, but they are in some way yes? But this mix n match style was just too cute to resist trying and it kind of describes where I’ve been recently, all over the place haha mixed up and what not.

Till the next time!


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