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Space Cadet – Scotchtape Mani #3

30 Apr

another zig-zag scotchtape mani where i combined my favourite sparkly space blue polish with a black matte polish.

this was one of my favourite colour combos!

– didi


Clowning Around – Scotchtape Mani #2

29 Apr

after i finally got my hands on the awesome Seche Vite topcoat, i was on a roll painting all the different designs i could think of using scotchtape.

i added a matte finish on the darker shades to show some contrast but it didn’t turn out that obvious here.

– didi

Scotchtape Mani #1

28 Apr


sorry for having been MIA for more than a year now.

the posts from me may have stalled, but the nail painting hasn’t one bit!

loads to share as i slowly pick up from where i left off.

according to Picasa, this one was done somewhere in February last year.

the colours were courtesy of the polishes my sweet Ramonas ( Jean, Yani and Poot) got for me from their Eurotrip.

it feels good to be back!

– didi

#41 – Croc Nails

20 Apr

 I’m back with the #2 cool thing I found while I was in London!:)

I found this Barry M Croc Nail Effect top coat in Topshop and decided to give it a try. As you can see however, it didn’t quite turn out to be as awesome as I thought it would be so I cleaned it right off after snapping a few pictures. I guess the idea is there but my execution was kinda poor. Hahaha! Will give it a go another time when I feel like having some croc nails again!:)

Till the next time!

#40 – 3D Glitter

17 Apr


So I went on a short trip to London and was wowed by their selection of nail polishes there! It is amazing because they have so many different brands/colours etc. I managed to resist buying too many because I can’t imagine carrying them around Europe. Anyway one of the bottles that I saw and knew I had to get was from Accessorize – 3D Glitter Polish.

The picture does no justice to the polish really, you have to see it in real life! Hahaha:)

♥ Jan

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