Stuck in a Sticky Situation

22 Jun

So, Jan showed me this link where they paint on scotch tape to cut out little shapes and lines to paste on nails. Looked super cool so I decided to try it out! It is honestly, not as easy as it looks. It was so tedious painting the scotch tape, waiting for it to dry, cutting up the shapes and then getting them to stick without ruining your other nails. Also, the little pieces kept coming out and it was hard to cut it to the exact size so they would stick out here and there. I really have to get me more Seche Vite top coat, it is so hard to do these creative things without a quick dry.

Because I wasn’t really happy with the outcome and the colour combi, I ended up taking everything out. Ah well at least I tried it! Snapped a few shots before wiping them off tho 😀

I think the next time I try this I will make sure I have a quick dry top coat on  hand!

❤ jean


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