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Galaxy Nails

1 Sep

Hello! Wow it has been a long time since I have been here but I am pretty excited to get back into the mood of painting (after such a long hiatus in Europe). I am still in the midst of getting  the hang of being back in school and living at home that painting my nails is such a huge luxury.

In the mean time though….

I have Lou’s awesome galaxy nails to share! She is truly the nail expert with such pretty nails all the time!:)

Till the next time!

♥ Jan


Cupcake Nails

21 May

Featuring a really pretty set of nails done by a fellow Erasmus friend here Gunda! Love love love it:)

Similar designs seen previously on this space: Makoke Nails! and Cupcakes.

Till the next time!:)

#41 – Croc Nails

20 Apr

 I’m back with the #2 cool thing I found while I was in London!:)

I found this Barry M Croc Nail Effect top coat in Topshop and decided to give it a try. As you can see however, it didn’t quite turn out to be as awesome as I thought it would be so I cleaned it right off after snapping a few pictures. I guess the idea is there but my execution was kinda poor. Hahaha! Will give it a go another time when I feel like having some croc nails again!:)

Till the next time!

#40 – 3D Glitter

17 Apr


So I went on a short trip to London and was wowed by their selection of nail polishes there! It is amazing because they have so many different brands/colours etc. I managed to resist buying too many because I can’t imagine carrying them around Europe. Anyway one of the bottles that I saw and knew I had to get was from Accessorize – 3D Glitter Polish.

The picture does no justice to the polish really, you have to see it in real life! Hahaha:)

♥ Jan

#39 French with a twist

15 Mar

With my limited supply of nail polish over here, I can only stick to simple designs like polka dots and “the standard”. Above is a simple french with a twist:) This is probably one of the rare times when I use a nude base. Very very rare. But I actually like it:)

I hope 2012 has been treating everyone well!

Till the next time!

Valentine’s Day

12 Feb

Hi everyone!:)

I am so terribly sorry for neglecting this space for long but it has been hard keeping up with this space because I am now in Sweden till about July so all my equipment have been left at home and all I have with me is 3 pathetic bottles of nail polish from H&M. I hope to still drop by once in awhile to post inspiration posts!

 Andddd Valentine’s day is just TWO days away!:)

Pictures credit: Fuckyeahnailart

Go get creative!:)

Nicki Minaj OPI Nail Lacquer 2012

6 Jan

New OPI Colours to kick off the new year!:)

Shoo and I went for a mani/pedi session recently and we decided to try the new Nicki Minaj colours for OPI. I absolutely loveeeee it! Shoo did a manicure using Fly and Did it on ’em while I chose to go for Metallic 4 Life for my toes. I couldn’t stop staring at my toes after the manicurist was done. The mixture of small and big hexagonal glitter pieces is absolutely gorgeous. I would love to try Save Me (because of the holo bar glitter) and the Super Bass Shatter next!:)

Till the next time!

♥ Jan

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