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Spongebob Squarepants!

28 Dec

Probably the cutest set of nails I’ve ever seen!:) Say hello to Sharon’s cute Spongebob Squarepants nails! She had her nails done by a male manicurist in Bangkok for 350baht and I think he really did an awesome job! Two thumbs up!:)


Nail Polish Facts

18 Aug

My apologies for not having the time to update this space as often as I would like to. In the meantime, while we are still in the midst of being inspired by things around us for our next nail art work, here are some facts on nail polish for your entertainment!

1) To preserve nail polish for longer periods of time, keep it in the fridge. Also, avoid leaving the bottle open because this way you not only make it dry but you expose yourself to the poisonous substances it contains.

2) If the smell of nail polish makes you dizzy, you can go to the terrace and apply it there. When you are in the open, the smell is less suffocating. In any case, ventilate the room properly, after you have finished polishing your nails.

3) If you want to minimize chipping, “wrap” the polish – i.e. paint a little across the edge and under the nail tip. This thickens the polish and increases its changes to stay for longer.

4) When you apply nail polish, don’t mistake it with paint. Being generous is not good because the thick layer of polish might not dry out for a long time and additionally, a thick layer tends to be uneven and falls quickly.

5) Don’t use nail polish if it is old. The shelf life of nail polish is 2 years in general, so if you have older polishes, just throw them away.

Till the next time!:)

Hello Kitty Nails

22 Jul

A second special guest appearance by Lou:)

She did a really pretty set of Hello Kitty nails and I am sure that all you Hello Kitty lovers out there would agree with me that it is so niceeeee.

☺ ☺ ☺

Leopard Prints

13 Jul

Here’s a special guest appearance by Lou with her printed french!

Her nails are DIYed over nail extensions and are so boomz and pretty:)

Super ♥♥♥.


10 Jul

Guest appearance: Shigz.

Her nails were done in Bangkok and took about 4 hours! The details are really amazinggg, super love the stars and kiss mark:)

Thank you for sharing your lovely nails!


21 Mar

Hey guys!

There’s this facebook nail art competition anddddd Didi submitted one of her awesome designs! It will be great if you guys can help to like her entry:)

All you have to do is to…

1) Log into facebook and visit this page: and hit the “Like” button

2) Look for her entry:

3) Hit the “Like” button again!:)

Competition closes on 28th March! We are rooting for you Didi!!

p.s. Today is her birthday!!!!:)

Seche Nail Top Coat Spree [CLOSED]

20 Jan

Hello everyone!

Okay so since we have been raving so much about this super duper awesome top coat, I thought maybe it would be a good idea to conduct a spree and collect orders for it to spread the love!:)

This fast drying top coat will ensure that your manicure dries really quickly so you won’t have to worry about any chips/mess ups while waiting for the polish to dry. Reapplying it every 3 – 5 days will keep your manicure looking fresh too!

“Seche Vite™ Dry Fast Top Coat is the champion non-yellowing fast drying top coat that has had the industry abuzz for years. Seche Vite™ leaves nails silky, stronger, more durable and resistant to chipping and peeling.”

Regular Size:  0.5oz. (15ml)

Price: $11/bottle

Postage: Item will be bubble wrapped and postage is dependent on the number of bottles you buy:)

If you are interested in getting a bottle do leave a comment in the following format!:)


Email Add:

Number of bottles:

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